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USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter

In a market, many companies have been launches different kind of USB 3.0 ethernet adapter so you are confused to select a good quality of the product. Don’t worry!Today I offer you authentic info regarding Amazon basic USB 3.0 local area network adapters. This product first time launched in Nov 2015. Whether your laptop or computer only supports the usb 2.0 port and the Internet is also running low speed, you can now use the USB 3.0 ethernet adpter.

USb 3.0 ethernet adpter

Best things in USB 3.0

You can easily connect a USB  3.0 device (computer, tablet) to a router modem or Network switch to deliver Gigabit Ethernet to your network connection. It has supported features which include wake-on-LAN function Green ethernet & IEEE 802.3az- 2010.It was also supported IPV4, IPV6 pack checksum offload engine to reduce central processing unit (CPU loading).Easily you can add conecting ware of USB 3.0 ethernet adpter to laptop or computer in the USB port. There will be no problem. Now the ethernet in usb 3.0 adpter will be added to the internet ware or other device. Also read Best memory card with adapter

Uses & Compatibility

It compatible with windows 10/8.1/8/7 and chrome os with the latest system updates; This product does not support window RT or Android.

This adapter worked dead once I put in the right driver.  The driver offered on the enclosed disc doesn’t WORK. You must go to the driver download page on the ASIX website to get the latest driver. Amazon won’t enable direct links to external websites. You will need to search for AX88179 on the site – I downloaded and installed.
Apple mack OS X ten.6 to 10.12 Drivers Installer’0.6 to 10.12 Drivers Installer’ Fast data transfer and internet speed of arbitration can be used USB 3.0 ethernet adpter on chromebooks, tablet ,desktop, laptop and other devices. The USB 2.0 port will be converted into usb 3.0 port. USB 3.0 printer and other usb 2.0 ports can also be used in devices.