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How to permanently delete Gmail account

After some time, Gmail will become the world’s number 1 email service provider company .  Millions of consumers get a lot of help in connecting with each other.  The company wants to attract and attract to users with various features.  But the features they provide do not like you and are not happy with the different features of Gmail?  Are you thinking about leaving Gmail and using other email service apps?  If you do not want to use the gmail email service, learn how to gmail account delete.  It’s not easy to delete a Gmail account like anothers  email company account.  Besides, you can easily delete gmail account, I will tell you how to delete a gmail account.

How to permanently delete Gmail account

Save all Gmail account data

Not just one click is possible to delete Gmail account and save your data.  For this, different processes should be completed.  Under Google service, Gmail can be offered only from an integrated option in various applications.  If all the things are removed in the Google service, then all the data contained in the ID will be deleted and the other necessary things will be done promptly.

Follow all step by step

The Gmail account needs to process various processes and take a lot of steps, but today I will tell you how to quickly fill the Gmail account.  Do not leave any step.  When removing your account, whether or not the company will ask questions to delete the account.  The account log in will also tell you to ignore it. Also, read how to deactivate facebook account permanently

How to permanently delete Gmail account
  • Open the Internet Browser that you use to go to Gmail
  • Click on the icon located at the top of the page
  • Enter the email address and password of the Gmail account and log in.
  • Now the Gmail account’s home page opens on your screen.
  • Click on the front page of the upper right corner of the profile picture
  • Now click on google account
  • Click Data and Personalization on the left side of the Google Accounts page.
  • To save data, transfer the navigation option below and click the download button to save the data.  Now delete any service or your account.
  • Click on the Delete Account which is in the Options Now comes on the screen that you want to delete the Google Account.
  • type password
  • Scroll down to the legal process Now on the screen two small boxes will appear, which needs to be click.  Just study the whole body and click on the box.
  • After thoroughly studying the disclaimer rules, then click the Delete button.
  • Your Gmail account has been deleted.
How to permanently delete Gmail account

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